Excite your Boyfriend

Have you ever been in a relationship for a while when things start to stagnate? Would you like to make your relationship more exciting? Maybe you just want your boyfriend to have a little more fun. Regardless of the reason you want to excite him, we have everything covered. Keep reading if what you are looking for is good advice.

Part 01

Use mental stimulation

Pour perfume. This is a very basic and effective way to excite a boy. You can customize your essence based on something you know you like, but it is always better to opt for musk, since it is very similar to the essence that is associated with sex.

Use body language He uses body language to put ideas in his head. Lick an ice cream in a sensual way when they go out together. Walk the top of your thigh with your hand up and down when you sit together on the couch. Lean towards him to talk to him closely. Emirate enough to pick up something from the floor. There are many ways to make you have sexual thoughts, so you should only take advantage of the situations in which you find yourself.

Whisper something in his ear. It must be something flirty, a little dirty and quite tempting. The soft tone of voice and the fact that your lips are so close while you whisper something slowly and sensually, will make me beg you to take you to bed.

  • “And what do you want to do now?”, “You’re so provocative,” “What do you want me to do to you?”, Etc. You understand.

Show him some of your underwear. First, put on bright underwear that is not grannies. Then, let a small part look over your jeans when you bend over. Finally, take advantage (or he will). It is a mutual benefit.

Show him that you are excited. If he knows that you are aroused, that will excite him more than anything else. If it touches you in some way that you like or tells you something you like to hear, let them know. You can also send text messages or let them know in other ways.

  • Try something like, “I want you right now” or “I cannot stop thinking about what I want you to do to me”.

Bite a lip while chatting. Congratulations! Now he will be thinking of your lips. It’s that simple. Just a little bit of this combined with a sensual look will let you know that you are ready to devour it, just that you are too educated to say it.

Part 02

Use physical temptation

Touch it either caressing her arm or running her thigh with your hand up and down while watching a movie on the couch; before you know it you’ll have it wishing you would touch it everywhere. Just remember to use gentle caresses and firm strokes appropriately and try to do it in simple areas (behind the neck, jaw, arms, upper chest, lower back, etc.).

Give him a massage. Tell him to take off his shirt, put oil on it and start rubbing. Wear little clothes while you do it. The massage will make your blood flow and adding that you have your hands on your body and that things are already somewhat slippery … you just cannot resist.

Dance (not as complicated as it sounds). Men get quite excited when women are spontaneous, self-confident and do unexpected things. You do not have to go dancing, but you can put some music at home, take it and dance with it slowly using basic movements. Move in a way that feels natural and so you can rub your body with yours. We assure you that with that will be enough.

Place your hands where you want them. Taking control of the situation will excite him enough. Take their hands and place them on your backside while you look at him sensually or whisper something in his ear. Placing your hands where you want them to be will indicate that you are excited and that you want it; something that will seem very sexy.

Give him a bite. A small bite in the ear, a lick along the neck: they will let you know that you want to eat it. The sensation will excite him and make him think of other places where he would like you to lick him.

Test with temperature changes. This can be quite exciting. Once you have taken off your shirt and are kissing your chest, for example, draw a long line with your tongue and then blow on it. The heat followed by the cold will give your body a very strong feeling and it will drive you crazy on this happy Valentines Day 2018.

  • Do not forget the classic but effective ice cube!


  • If he’s dating you, chances are he’s already turned on just being with you. The objective of this article is to take things to another level.


  • Do not rush; Take the appropriate time. The longer you drink the more tension you accumulate in your boy. You will have it melting for you.
  • Do not be too insistent. Recognize when your boyfriend wants to continue with flirting, based on his level of cooperation. Identify her when she says “enough” she does it playfully with a smile or if she says it really annoying.
  • Excitement does not necessarily have to lead to sexual intercourse. Know the alternatives and plan a happy ending with which both are happy.
  • Do not be cloying. Give your boy some space; so that when you touch him, he really values ​​it.
  • Different guys can react in different ways to these techniques, so do what you think is appropriate for your boyfriend.