Which Chair To Choose For His Back?

Chair, seat, chair: what to choose for his office so as to sit well and protect his back?

From a physiotherapist’s point of view, it’s a chair that allows you to keep your back straight.

Your spine retains its natural curvatures. The lumbar, lower back, are slightly hollowed.

You will find practical tips to keep you here .


A perfect chair? A salesman of ergonomic chairs will tell you yes! But a health professional will inevitably be less categorical.

You have probably already read or heard that some seats were the must. There are 4 types of seats frequently known as “good for the back”:

The ergonomic wide office chair

The chair “kneeling”

The swapper chair

The saddle chair

The most favored seat in the back (and the neck) seems to be the seat “in the saddle”. It looks like a horse saddle, thighs coming down on the sides.


Does the backrest of your office chair influence your sitting position?

Our body is not made to stand still, in the same position, long time. Lumbago patients (with lower back pain) often notice that their pain increases when they have to stand or sit for a long time.

In the office, it’s valid too. Le Coin Form advises you to get up from your chair and move a little, at least every 45 minutes.

office chair

The backrest of your office chair can thus allow to change position and to breathe a little while resting there.

2 cases of figures therefore:

You sit most of the time (for example in front of a screen): having a folder will allow you to relax and change the position of your spine from time to time.

You are sitting but very active (you must often move, get up): a file is not essential since you already move a lot.


A saddle chair with backrest would surely be the trend of Coin Form. But the answer will surely be different for everyone!

Here are some things to check before buying a chair, chair or seat:

The chair must be compatible with your work environment.

Think about the height of the desk, the width of the passages if you have to ride and also think of the aesthetic aspect sometimes important (depending on your work).

Always try a seat for several minutes before buying it.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable and not to have pains. For example, chairs in the saddle will not suit everyone.

“The chair does not make the monk. Also think about keeping yourself properly.

Stylish Baby Changing Tables & Dressers

The arrival of your baby means so many wonderful things, including the chance to create a comfortable, stylish nursery that has everything you need. In addition to the crib, a changing table and dresser are essential pieces for pampering your precious little one and keeping all those cute little outfits neatly folded and organized. Here are five chic and unique picks to consider:
The Emerson Extra Wide Dresser and Topper Set from Pottery Barn Kids
If you’re looking for a changing table and dresser with lots of storage and style options, the Emerson Extra Wide Dresser and Topper Set from Pottery Barn Kids delivers them both in one versatile piece that will grow with your little one. This generously sized nursery staple features a removable topper so it can easily convert into a standalone dresser for those future toddler and teen years. And, no need to worry. The changing topper is secured by metal brackets and fitted with a layer of felt on its underside to protect the dresser’s top surface.

At nearly 57″ wide and 19″ deep, the Emerson offers a clean classic style with square tapered legs and eight roomy drawers. Four top drawers help to keep all your baby-changing essentials, like diapers, creams, and wipes, at your fingertips. Four larger drawers can store all your baby’s clothing as well as blankets and linens. Emerson’s versatile look fits nicely into any décor style. The piece also features high-quality craftsmanship, such as English dovetail joinery. You can choose from a trio of exclusive finishes in soft white and grey tones that will complement any color or design style you might choose for your child’s room as he or she grows.

Emerson Extra Wide Dresser and Topper Set | Pottery Barn Kids
Calling all modern design lovers! You’ll find great form and function in the Dwell Studio Norfolk 3-Drawer Dresser from giggle. Its moderate size makes it a great fit for nurseries big and small. Finished in white with contrasting walnut drawer pulls and base, Norfolk’s clean, contemporary silhouette and flared tapered legs offer a cool Scandinavian style with mid-century modern flair. When it comes to function, it’s smartly designed with three deep drawers to neatly organize and store all of your baby clothes and accessories. The Norfolk can also pull double duty as a changing table with the purchase of a coordinating changing topper kit.

If you like a bold, fashionable style, look to the Campaign 3-Drawer Dresser from The Land of Nod. This unique piece delivers fashion and function with plenty of storage and a whole lot of style. Its distinctive Campaign-style “chest of drawers” takes on a chic vibe in a bold coral hue with antique brass-finished drawer pulls and corner brackets. While we adore its remarkable style, we also love its quality construction. The Campaign Dresser features adjustable levelers for uneven floors, solid wood drawers with dovetail joinery, and smooth metal drawer under mounts. One more reason to love it? It’s also available in Midnight Blue and White.

When it comes to changing and dressing your baby, convenience is key. We love the great mobility and versatility of the Delta Flat Top Changing Table from Babies R Us. Priced extremely well, it’s especially great for smaller homes and apartments, or as an additional changing station for your family or living room. Its straightforward open style with slatted design details looks stylish in any space, and it can easily be moved from room to room to create an instant changing station anywhere, anytime you need it. It also features two fixed shelves with ample space and includes a changing pad and safety strap to keep your baby safe and sound.Click here to browse all baby changing tables designs

Your baby will eventually outgrow his or her changing table, but that doesn’t mean you have to. This cool, clever design is more than just a stylish changing station. The Stoke Care Changing Table can transform into a small desk or shelving unit when your diaper duties are over. It features a classic slatted design and special features to enable more intimate, comfortable diaper changes, including a parent-facing changing position, high side bars to prevent rolling off, two height adjustments, and foot space underneath so you can get cuddle-up close. This changing table also comes fully equipped with everything you need, including a washable mattress with padded bumpers, two side containers and hangers to keep essentials like diapers, creams, and powders close at hand, and two storage baskets keep all your must-haves organized and out of sight.

Difference between Selfie and groupie

Difference between Selfie and Groupie

You just have to be alive to hear or read the word selfie everywhere, word that became very fashionable after the photo of a group of celebrities became viral in social networks; but in addition to the fact of the virility that reached that photo, one of the things that could draw the attention of some is that although everyone calls it selfie, it is actually a groupie.

Difference between selfie and groupie

If you still cannot distinguish between these two, continue reading, we will explain to you what is the difference between selfie and groupie.


A selfie is a photo of oneself taken by one, that simple. Often people use their smartphones, tablets or cameras to take photos. Many are placed in front of a mirror or use another tool to press the shutter and take pictures. Now, what makes a selfie is that in the photo that has been taken by a certain person only that person leaves.

The very word “selfie” can give you an idea that what is said above is true.


As the word indicates, in this case it is not a single person in a photo; but of a group. But what makes a groupie a groupie is the fact that the photo is taken by one of the members of the group that appears in the photograph.

For example, if a group of friends meets for a photo; but this is taken by someone else who does not appear in the picture, then it is not said that it is a groupie.